Why Switch to Winter Wiper Blades?

Winter weather conditions can make driving very hazardous and can severely limit visibility on the roadways. That's why the service technicians in our Honda service department recommend that you switch from summer wiper blades to winter wiper blades at the same time you have us put winter tires on your vehicle.

Winter wiper blades feature anti-clogging armor blocking snow, ice and rain from clogging up the wiper blade elements so that the blades can do their job of keeping your windshield clean and clear. Winter wiper blades also have a sturdier frame than summer wiper blades so they can perform well whether exposed to freezing rain, heavy snow or a blizzard. Winter wiper blades also feature a soft and flexible type of rubber that resists ice build-up and won't freeze or crack. Winter wiper blades installed by our service department can help you maintain a clear windshield to handle winter weather.



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