Detailing Fights Corrosion of Your Vehicle

Today's roadways, city streets, and highways contain a lot of corrosive particles. Residues from engines and brakes, join many kinds of airborne chemicals on the surface your vehicle. These contaminants and debris can cause scratching, marring, and other damage to the surface of your vehicle. Detailing with a clay bar is a proven method for returning to the original smooth surface.

Drivers enjoy the shiny, clean appearance of their vehicles after a washing. To get an excellent result from a car wash and wax, you must detail your vehicle to get a smooth, clean surface. Washing and waxing give much better results when the surface is smooth and free of particles and debris.

At First Choice Honda, we offer a complete range of services and maintenance to keep your vehicle running well and looking great. Please drop by or call for an appointment today. We can inspect your vehicle and offer solutions for vehicle performance and appearance.



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